Smartphone controlled LED dog vest


Disco Dog is the world's first smartphone controlled LED dog vest. It's a fun way to celebrate your dog and also keeps her visible and safe when it's dark out. Animated patterns and bright colors highlight your pooch as she explores the world and you control everything from your smartphone.

Full RGB LED Animations

Disco Dog uses bright RGB LEDs that can produce thousands of hues. Moving patterns and fading effects can be in any color you choose.

Custom Messages

Type in a message in the Disco Dog app and your text will appear on the vest, scrolling across in your favorite color.

Lost Dog Mode

If your dog runs too far away and the connection is lost, the vest will show an automatic "LOST DOG" message, asking bystanders to help the lost pup find her way back.

The App

The Disco Dog mobile app makes it easy to control the LEDs from a distance. You can select animations or choose text mode and type in your message. There are also controls for brightness and color, including two-color gradients that flow across the vest.

The application will be available for both iOS and Android devices.

Technical Specifications


256 RGB LEDs

A microcontroller, and a bluetooth low energy chip

3.7V lithium polymer battery

  • The LED grid and electronics can easily be removed from the vest to allow for safe washing
  • The vest is adjustable, with velcro closures that let you change the fit.


  • S
  • M
  • L

Sizing is based on measuring the length of your dog's back and the girth of her chest, measured just behind the front legs.